Terry Mayfield

Terry Mayfield failed in his first two years in sales. Then he developed a system that allowed his sales to grow by more than 1500% in 5 years. He went on to become a straight-commission salesperson for over 23 years. Repeat customers were essential to survival, which called for a focus on relationships, customer service and partnerships. For 12 years he served in a leadership role as training manager and VP of Sales where he developed the Selling Through Service and Create the Perfect Customer programs.

As a professional speaker, Terry has presented more than 1,000 keynotes, workshops and seminars using real-life examples with extensive research in the fields of Leadership, Management, Sales, Customer Service, and Personal Performance.

He is the author of two books, and several audio programs and has many articles published.  Today he runs a $30 million division leading the entire sales force as well as inside coworkers in the packaging distribution business.

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