One for every week of the year…


Ed-ism 01: If it costs a little and it means a lot, just do it!
Ed-ism 02: If it’s not hell yes, then it’s no.
Ed-ism 03: If your product isn’t selling, it’s not the product; It’s you.
Ed-ism 04: If 20% of your clients are not complaining about your prices, then your prices is too low.
Ed-ism 05: The more you ask, the more you will learn.
Ed-ism 06: Be a good listener. The best sales people are good at listening and enjoyable to be around.
Ed-ism 07: Almost everything good in your life is the result of a party or an event that you didn’t want to go to.
Ed-ism 08: Give advice for free, but not merchandise. If you give away merchandise for free, it always comes back broken.
Ed-ism 09: If you add value everywhere that you go people will throw money at you.
Ed-ism 10: If two people don’t want to do business together, the numbers won’t make it happen… If two people want to do business together, the numbers will won’t get in the way.
Ed-ism 11: If two partners always agree… One of them isn’t necessary.
Ed-ism 12: If you’re the smartest person in the room, find a new room.
Ed-ism 13: When entering a new circle find the person that has the most people in their circle and add value to them first.
Ed-ism 14: Whoever needs the relationship most will be doing the more of the work. If they don’t then the partnership will not move forward.
Ed-ism 15: In partnerships, have a check point every thirty days to communicate concerns and get things out on the table. Discuss what you want and determine what will make the relationship better.
Ed-ism 16: You may be married but, you should stay engaged.
Ed-ism 17: Being true to yourself means having accountability systems in place.
Ed-ism 18: Focus less on one-to-one sales, target one-to-many. Let third parties help you meet your audience
Ed-ism 19: Find a local successful business with the same clients and cross-promote with non competing businesses.
Ed-ism 20: Don’t underestimate the power of a large non profit that loves your brand, nurture them.
Ed-ism 21: Stories of gratitude are always remembered, and those stories help establish your value and shape your reputation.
Ed-ism 22: No passion, No forward movement.
Ed-ism 23: Establish rapport, fact find, solve, proceed to engagement.
Ed-ism 24: Customers rarely call and ask you to come pick up a check. Follow up is key.
Ed-ism 25: Be kind to everyone that you meet, you never know who you’re talking to.
Ed-ism 26: If you see too many red flags, Run! Or at least slow down and proceed with extreme caution.
Ed-ism 27:  Abundant thinkers solve the problem and sell the solution. Non-abundant thinkers look for someone to blame.
Ed-ism 28: Do something for someone, especially if you know they would do the same for you.
Ed-ism 29: True leaders work hard to add value to their followers and always have their followers’ best interests in mind.
Ed-ism 30: If you appreciate talent and recognize those who help you, you will accomplish so much more than throwing money at them without heart.
Ed-ism 31: Being humble is honorable. But sometimes you have to prove you know you can get it done, and not bury the lead.
Ed-ism 32: Slow down. Don’t reach for more leads when you have yet to follow up with what you already have.
Ed-ism 33: Solve the problem, earn the treasures.
Ed-ism 34: Follow up long after your competitor has lost interest, almost all sales have been made after the 6th call.
Ed-ism 35: Don’t give up… Almost all success is 2 steps past where most people quit.
Ed-ism 36: Common sense is no longer common. Uncommon sense is the new rule.
Ed-ism 37: Every Thanksgiving write down what you are thankful for. Look at what you have done, not what you haven’t. Then add the things you want to do the next year and start over… Nobody’s perfect just strive to meet 3 new people every week and be passionate about your craft. Dive all in!
Ed-ism 38: If it seems that every 10 years your friends and your goals change look at your past to see what the next chapter might be.
Ed-ism 39: Every story has to have a moral… Don’t mess with the story or you will lose the moral and learn the wrong lessons.
Ed-ism 40: Without customers you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.
Ed-ism 41: The world is ruled by 3rd party referrals. Do not underestimate the value of being referred by your strongest loyal friends and customers.
Ed-ism 42: Build your life to be able to start over and be back where you are again in 90 days.
Ed-ism 43: Work in such a way people can’t wait to do business with you again.
Ed-ism 44: Knowing all the numbers in a business will always let you know if you are playing a dead hand.
Ed-ism 45: Liars figure and the numbers don’t lie.
Ed-ism 46: If you have not thought of a way to help the person you are meeting then you are already losing.
Ed-ism 47: Be shameless in your life, no one will remember you, if you take yourself too seriously.
Ed-ism 48: Putting your personal maintenance aside, if it is not fun or profitable don’t spend too much time on it.
Ed-ism 49 A: Every once and a while you should ask yourself “why are we doing this?”
Ed-ism 49 B: And if the answer isn’t crystal clear you probably should have planned better or never started on the path.
Ed-ism 50: Know the hourly value of everything you do, pursue high return items more often.
Ed-ism 51: In this world there are plenty of opportunities, great employees and partners everywhere. You just have to engage to find them.
Ed-ism 52: Whatever you’re doing today is related to what you did 60 days ago. Do the work today, that you want to have value again in the near future.
Ed-ism 53: What do successful people have in common? A sense of urgency in most things they do!
Ed-ism 54: Thank you notes are as old as time. Get yourself a program for sending out personal cards. CamCard in conjunction with Send Out Cards or Constant Contact can be used to automate the follow up.